The Agardi Medicinal and Thermal Bath

Wellness, thermal bath, summer program for children at the plage with several wellness-pools, restaurant and outdoor, indoor buffets, balneo-therapic treatments at the most fascinating site of the region, Agárd.

The Agardi Medicinal and Thermal Bath is a health-island situated in a unique environment. The 58 °C alkaline, hydrocarbonated, chloride, sulphate, calcium and fluorinated medicinal water from 1000m deep is recommended especially for easing rheumatic complaints, abrasions, musculoskeletal disorders, certain gynecological disorders and surgical pains. Therapy for grandparents, wellness and sauna for parents, fun and laughter with multi-location playgrounds for kids.


In a 9 hectare area, there is an open-air THERMAL pool with a 300m² water surface, which is waiting for the guests in all year! The thermal pool with its seating compartments is free from experience elements, and offers perfect relaxation all year round. In the summer months, the pool is sorrunded with exclusive sunbeds, which are located right next to the pool, in privileged spots (sunboxes are available at an extra price).


The family experience pool with a water surface of 450m² guarantees fun for all generations. For babies with a various depth (0 to 30 cm water depth), "weltering pool" is made, the small children have a 30 cm shallow pool, and the larger ones have a 60 cm children’s pool, with a small cave attached to it, with a waterfall curtain. In the pools, there are various adventure elements, water slide, water pine tree, “bucket game” and balloon slide. For adults, a 90 cm and 119 cm water depth pool was built to pamper their body with the following experience elements: seat pads and beds, massage elements, water curtains, giant neck shower and four water jets. The wave slides and the twister are in the deeper part of the pool. Water bar is the integrated part of the pool, which offers a special experience for people who wants to be refreshed. The family adventure pool is seasonal, opened only in the summer season (details can be found in the “Opening” menu).


The indoor thermal pool with 320 m² water surface and underwater seats is free of experience elements, and is available to all those who want relaxation and regeneration all year round. The thermal water is rich in minerals, and is cooled down from 58 °C to 36 °C , it is very suitable for the treatment and cure of musculo-skeletal disorders, rheumatic complaints and gynecological problems.


the unique dome experience pool was built at the end of the 1980s, and was transformed in 2007 and has since let the whole family to enjoy the unforgettable relaxation. for the parents, a 180m² water suface guarantees a real refreshing experience with standing and lying massage elements, with water jets and geysers. a water slide with 0.5m water depths and a game of fun with mushroom cascade, ensures that the children can enjoy the fun in the water as well. the pool is open all year round for families wishing to relax.
The Agardi Medicinal and Thermal Bath
Gárdony, Fürdő square 1, 2484
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Mon-Sun.: 8 - 19:45
Last update: 11-09-2019