Pigment Drysaltery Store - Kápolnásnyék

Pigment Drysaltery Store, Kápolnásnyék - Professional service, whole sortiment of Paints and powdered building materials

The Pigment Drysaltery Store funded in 2001, has been serving its customers for nearly twenty years with passion for customers of painting and building industry around Lake Velence. The owner put a stress on paint-sales tendencies and professional industrial issues and the regional trading of paints and building materials when he started his business as a specialty shop for paints in Lake Velence region. His success is based on the constantly growing and renewing stock for professional and household use and the professional traders who give advice to the customers and provide help with any special needs. They are also ready to take individual orders. They also provide color mixing for wood, metal and wall painting, both for water-based and solvent-based colors and for inside and outside paints. Insulation systems can be bought from styrofoam boards to plaster. You can also find everything, if you need powdered building materials and jointing materials from small to large wrecking. You will find Estrich concrete, roughing-in, thermo-adhesives, leveling materials, tile adhesives, filler, parget, pointer materials. Supplementary goods and tools are available on a large scale and good quality, Hungarian tools can be also found in Pigment Drysaltery Store. Should you have any special requests, feel free to ask the traders, because they are professionals and are ready to help you!
Pigment Drysaltery Store
Mihály Bán - Owner
Kápolnásnyék, Arany János s. 6, 2475
+36 (22) 368 042
+36 (20) 391 9558
Mon-Fri.: 7-17
Sat.: 7-12
Sun.: Closed
Last update: 28-08-2019