Lavender Garden of Gárdony

Lavender Garden of Gárdony - a wonderful flower garden with 600 lavender plants in the heart of Gárdony. They have their own brand of design products made of recycled jeans and home-grown lavender.

The scent of lavender belongs to the summer at the lakeside. Zsuzsa Nyíri planted a large lavender garden at their own plot in the center of Gárdony and named it “Gárdonyi Levendula”. She chose to grow lavender because it is a useful herb, it rewards even a little care, the scent and the color of its flower is heartwarming. The building of the garden was not easy, they shaped the flowerbeds high and planted their plants gradually year by year. They have 600 lavender plants at the moment, both French and English types.
It is enchanting to walk around the garden while lavender blossoming. Zsuzsa organised a pick-yourself event this year when you could collect your own bunch of lavender to hand-made baskets or textile bags by craftswomen of Lake Velence. The lavender garden is the perfect venue of photo-shootings for weddings or any other occasions.
Zsuzsa designs zero waste souvenirs with passion and have them made by Réthy-fashion, her like-minded fashion-designer friend, Éva Réti from Budapest. The fridge-magnets, lavender-squares for working desks, and wedding “thank you”-gifts of Gárdonyi Levendula are made of recycled jeans and filled with the bio lavender of the garden. The zero waste thinking and nature saving life is very important for Zsuzsa in her family and in her lavender garden also.
The Gárdonyi Levendula is waiting for you at its programs, for a photo-shooting or just for a visit. You find information about their events at the Facebook-page of Gárdonyi Levendula. Their souvenirs and design products will be available shortly online and at some places around the Lake Velence.
Lavender Garden of Gárdony
Gárdony, Kossuth u. 12, 2483
+36 (30) 682 3674
Last update: 28-08-2019