Halász-castle, Kápolnásnyék

Halász-castle, Kápolnásnyék - the newly renovated early 20th century-building is a fresh cultural center of Lake Velence-region.

Castles are mysterious buildings of the past. These buildings conserve the lives of high-class people but in Hungary you often meet with these opulently built buildings and garden in a bad shape. The families vanished who owned the castles and due to Hungry’s socialist history these buildings were taken away from the noble families and were used for purposes that did not match their original function. The Halász-castle of Kápolnásnyék is a fascinating building form the early 20th century that had been owned by the Halász-family ravaged during the socialist regime and recently renovated based on original photos of the building. The Halász-castle functions as a cultural centre in its new form. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions in the beautifully renovated halls. Several events take place in the enchanting garden of the castle. There is a concert-series during the summer, temporary exhibitions and many more. Watch the video to find out more about the castle’s program.
Kápolnásnyék, Deák Ferenc u. 10, 2475
+36 (21) 292 0471

Mon-Sun.: 10-18
Last update: 28-08-2019