HULK Gym Velence

Well-equipped gym next to the railway station of Velence with very friendly atmosphere

The friendly fitness center was founded by Zsuzsa Berena and her husband two years ago. The HULK Gym is equipped with multifunctional quality machines and weighs and a treadmill that is suitable for medical rehabilitation so it can be used by heavy weight-people also. A qualified personal trainer is available for individual training. She can help anyone to find the right workout program considering shape, weight, medical condition, she also gives advice on nutrition and workout issues.
HULK Gym also sells nutritional supplements and they provide appropriate advice about the consumption of these supplements. The stuff of HULK Gym Velence gives a full service with professional background, even massage is available in the gym.
The work-out gym got very popular in a short period of time, and there is a family-like atmosphere with more and more regulars. They have very friendly monthly ticket-prices. Several professionals like policemen/women, firemen/women, ambulance men/women, guards, and also students and pensioners get discounted price. One of their most likable plans to establish a place for disabled people. For more information please visit HULK Gym Velence’s Facebook-page.
Hulk Gym - Velence
Velence, Széchenyi út, 2481
+36 (30) 361 5611
Last update: 28-08-2019