Wobbly rocks

The ‘Woobly rocks’ (Ingókövek) of Pákozd? If Hungarian Stonehenge exists, then this is it!

The Lake Velence region is very rich at natural beauty. There are granite-rock-formations on top of Sár-mountain on the northern side of Pákozd village. The names of the stone formations are: Gomba-rock, Kis-Cipó, Pogány-rock, Oroszlán-rock, Kocka-rock, és Pandúr-rock. The granite-formations are natural giant rock-statues. The locals made up folk legends about the dawn of the rocks. The granite-rocks, that came to the surface with errodation of the surface, are accessible by tourist trails that partly can be used by bike. It is worth to walk the so called “Granite” educational track that connects the several stone formations. There is another Granite-rock named “Gyapjaszsák - Wool-seck” at the border of Sukoró, the little village on the hilltop of the northern shore of Lake Velence. Going further north there are some more rock formations on the hill between Sukoró and Nadap.
The local tourist services offer several guided tours to the Woobly Rocks and horse riding, quad journey and land rover rides are also possible on site. For an unforgettable experience by Woobly Rocks and Lake Velene region check out the program offers here:
Last update: 14-01-2020