Korzo Mobile

The ‘Korzó Mobile’ shop - the quality cellular phone service with personal touch at Lake Velence. Cell phone and accessories distribution, cell phone service and more at Velence Korzó.

Attila Pápai has opened his cell phone shop at the Velence Korzó for a few years. We went there for shooting the video below and he suggested to come before opening because even if it’s off-season, the tiny shop is packed with clients right from the opening till closing. And he was right about that, we had not finished shooting before opening and had to wait another hour for a last 2-minute-shot after he opened and dealt with the crowd. What is his secret? It’s not only being the only one cell phone business around Lake Velence, but also the trustworthy, fast and kind service that he provides. It is rare to find such a personal, flexible service at our age of multi-companies.
The shop awaits you with new cellular phones of many brands, a wide range of accessories and service with a year-round opening schedule. If you drop your phone into water or brake its display you will get a quick and professional service. Should the part be missing of the shop’s supply, Attila will order it and take care of your matter fast. You can trust his proficiency that he gained while working for Samsung for years and his inner motivation towards cell phone industry from the opening of this market.
You can also pay your account or rent a charger at the Korzó Mobile shop.
Bring your old phone or accessories that you want to throw out to the selective electronic trash collector of the shop.
Should you have any kind of problem with your phone, Attila surely finds a way to fix it.
Velence, Tópart st. 47, 2481
+36 70 614 6811

Opening ours:
Monday 10:00–18:00
Tuesday 10:00–18:00
Wednesday 10:00–18:00
Thursday 10:00–18:00
Friday 10:00–18:00
Saturday 10:00–14:00
Sunday Closed

Last update: 14-01-2020