Wine cellar of LICS family at Pákozd

Lics wine cellar in Pákozd is a sip of the Hungarian wine culture with award-winning wines situated at the hidden northern lake-shore of Lake Velence. A family lead-wine cellar at Lake-Velence region with wine tasting and wine shop.

LICS family-wine cellar is waiting for you with a special wine tasting from the family made regional wine of Pákozd and Sukoró, one of the most fascinating sites of the Lake Velence. Balázs Lics is going further with his father’s tradition of wine-growing and his broader family works also in cellars of Szekszárd, another famous wine-region of Hungary. The family also has a bottler in Budafok, the wine-depot of famous Hungarian cellars.

While you enjoy some of the Lics-cellar’s famous, award-winning wines you can listen to the owners stories about the cellar’s several-hundred-year old history.

Enjoy the classy site, the shady, ground terrace, the panorama of the lake, the long rows of the vine-stocks. You will find genuine lakeside atmosphere on the hill.

Watch our video to find out about the wine types of LICS Cellar.
Wine cellar of LICS family
8096 Pákozd, Csúcsoshegyi út
+36 (30) 385-6627

Open: Marc. 15 - Nov. 30.
Monday: Closed
Tue - Sun.: 10 - 18
Last update: 28-08-2019