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Quality home building, certified planning and construction of light-structural houses at Lake Velence

Have you purchased the spot of your dreams at Lake Velence? You can’t wait to move into your new dream-home but you got lost among information about building methods and construction information on the internet? Are you searching for a trusted architect with certification who also carries out constructions? Otthon Építő LTD will help you with everything concerning your home-building project at the Lake Velence region. László Szanyó the owner and architect of Otthon Építő takes in certified planning and construction of buildings at the lake, based in Pázmánd. He takes every project with special care. One of László’s principles is the personal connection and understanding of his client’s needs. He knows that he has to find the best fit between the owners and the future building with the planning of the house in order to make it a home even before existing. He shows sample plans to the customers if needed, but in every single case he adds the personal needs and ideas of the people who will live in the new environment. The main profile of the Otthon Építők LTD is the light-construction building, because László finds this method the most nature-friendly and economic, while meeting today’s demands and quality. However don’t be afraid to turn to them, because they still construct brick-buildings on request too.
Another important issue for colleagues of the Otthon Építők LTD is to use natural quality material and to run the work with less waste to protect nature as much as possible.
It is also important when building a new house to find the harmony between the constructed and natural environment according to László’s view of planning a building. He likes to design estates that fit well into their surrounding nature.
Otthon Építő also serves clients with services related to construction industry in the Lake Velence region: technical control, responsible construction leading, building-energetics and guidance.
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Last update: 24-03-2020