Szépmíves Beauty Shop - Agárd

Professional beauty service with care and kindness

The owner of the Szépmíves Beauty Shop, Ágnes Árvai has moved with her family from Budapest to Gárdony a few years ago. She left a well-running business behind to go on maternity leave. After a few years she realized that she can’t live without her passion, and opened a new beauty shop in Agárd.
When you enter this tiny shop, you will be enchanted by the atmosphere and the little details of the enterieur that lend warmth and coziness to the place. You will feel privileged during the beauty treatments that give you calmness and harmony. Ági learnt her profession from the best masters in Budapest and she is a qualified cosmetician-trainer that insures professional care for you and her kind personality makes your stay an exceptional treat in her working-shop of tranquil atmosphere. Ági gives you special attention while treating with you and makes your session at her shop unique and nice.
She offers the whole selection of cosmetic treatments. Facial massage, waxing treatment, ear-piercing, or cosmetic cleansing treatment, you name it and she will do it. She deals with makeup application and eyelash adhesives also. She is truly a beauty treatment specialist who works with her entire personality while treating you.
The Szépmíves Beauty Shop is next to the road 70. Free parking is available behind the shop.
Agnes Arvai
Gárdony, Balatoni út 81, 2484
+36 (30) 204 9104
Last update: 11-09-2019