Boat Taltos

The Sailing ship “Táltos” - the biggest, classiest sailing ship on Lake Velence.

The biggest sailing-boat on the lake is a very unique, 1850’s style-built ship. The sailing-ship named Táltos is spectacular and comfortable yet provides the most exciting sailing option on Lake Velence for demanding people. You have not sailed yet? It is time for you to get on board to experience your first sailing adventure with this outstanding ship. Let the wind refresh you. Get some fresh air on water, try it, it makes a big difference. Experience Lake Velence and its romantic wildlife get between the reed-covered islands with a beautiful sailing ship. If you are a sailer this trip is a must. There are only three ships worldwide from this sailing boat, get on board! Humongous sails, wood covered board, wind, sunshine, the hidden faces of the lake: the receipt of the perfect program for daytime.
Very nice date for couples also.
Last update: 28-08-2019