Mihaly Vorosmarty Memorial Museum

Museum to the Memory of Hungarian Poet Mihály Vörösmarty - one of the touristic sites around Lake Velence that makes a famous Hungarian poet’s life and creative process visible and sensible through the relics and writings of Mihály Vörösmarty.

If you travel to a new place, you want to discover its culture. You can dive into the nature, try local gastronomy, take part in cultural events, talk to local people. You also visit touristic places that are listed in connection with the location you visit. The famous buildings are memorable because of their architecture, historic relevance, or for the memorable people who lived there. Visiting these buildings where famous people lived who represent their homeland-culture with their personal lives adds to your journey of discovery.
There’s such a building at Lake Velence, Kápolnásnyék that is worth visiting. One of Hungary’s famous romantic writers, Mihály Vörösmarty, author of Szózat (Appeal) spent his childhood here.
Szózat is a poem that every Hungarian can not only recite but also sing, because it has been melodized by Ferenc Erkel, a romantic musician and composer. This poem is almost equivalent with the Hungarian national anthem.
Visiting Vörösmarty’s home in Kápolnásnyék you enter a building that resembles the time period of Vörösmary’s childhood. There are personal relics such as Vörösmary’s writing table with the original hand script of the Szózat (Appeal) in this 19. century-building that echos the biedermeier style of that period.
The Vörösmary memorial exhibition collects the documents of the writer’s life and carrier and the cult that was raised right after his death in 1855.
Mihaly Vorosmarty Memorial Museum
2475 Kápolnásnyék, Vörösmarty u. 31.
+36 (70) 382-3054
Open: Marc. 15 - Nov. 30.
Monday: Closed
Tue - Sun: 10 - 18
Last update: 28-08-2019