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Registration for businesses of the Lake-Velence region - a foreign language-catalogue about tourism of Lake Velence

Why is it important to upload informations in English?
  • The Lake Velence is a highlighted region of the touristic development plan and in a few years it’s touristic potential will grow and attract more and more foreign guests.
  • Online presence in English = the whole eu-region to achieve.
  • There are a lot of values around Lake Velence that are invisible online at the moment especially in foreign languages.
  • There are a lot of foreign newcomers who move to Lake Velence region.
Why should you choose for online appearance?
  • because our local team has international developer and online marketing experience. We insure high visitor numbers and technical proficiency of
  • because there is no information about the Lake Velence region and aims to provide the widest Hungarian-English language catalogue, be a part of it!
  • The is optimized to the search engines, its content can be easily updated and it is reasonably priced for your business.

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    We provide online presence at

    You will have a full landing page with an administration field provided with the following content.

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    The content of the profile page at

    Hungarian and English description about your business, service our touristic attraction. Professional Photos about your features and short video about your business. ‘contact’ area (contact details and social media icons, map)

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    Internet-marketing management of

    We constantly use online marketing tools to manage the site’s visitor numbers, we frequently update the content of the profile pages.

  • 4 - your advantages of taking part in the online catalogue

    Your business will take part in the online representation of the whole Lake Velence region in English. This website is based on a systematically built web of information linking that results more visitors of your content.

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