GrillTigris - the gourmet buffet in Agárd

Grilled meat with unique seasoning of the house, Mexican food, international menu at Agárd next to the road 70.

Do you like Mexican food? You don’t have to head to South-America to have a taco, you can find it at Lake Velence.
The GrillTigris is a cosy gourmet buffet in Agárd. The Karácsonyi-family’s menu successfully mixes the Mexican and Hungarian tradition. You can find traditional courses like the uniquely seasoned trotters fried with a slow method or fried sausage from Gyúró, a nearby village.
Fried meat is worth the visit, but you must try their Mexican dishes. The South-American wife of the chef, Gergely Karácsonyi inspired this choices of the menu. The Taco Pastor’s light, citrus-based seasoning gives you a full, gourmet meal that fills you with energy without the after-lunch heaviness in your stomach. The cajun turkey is a grilled piece of turkey-breast offered with the cabbage-salad of the house and pita bread can be a special meal for lunch or dinner after a full they at the lake-shore. The special offer of the GrillTigris are the Mexican roasted ribs marinated with citrus-seasoning with cheese-quesadilla and green salad on the side. Order this special meal if you like ritch seasoning and want a big meal. You will also find the original buffet-dishes like hamburger, but everything has a twist according to the taste of the owners who are real food-enthusiasts.
The GrillTigris buffet is situated one corner away from the centre of Agárd, along the main road 70, free parking is available on site. You can sit down at the shaded terrace in case of good weather and have your meal with a refreshing Mexican soda, Jarritos on the side. Should the weather be unfriendly you can always eat inside the buffet. GrillTigris - gourmet taste in a buffet.
GrillTigris - Agárd
Ferenc Karacsonyi
Gárdony, Balatoni út 102, 2484
+36 (70) 311 3010
Last update: 11-09-2019