József Pizza - Agárd

Experience and tradition in gastronomy - food delivery and pizza ordering at Lake Velence

The Pizza Restaurant “József” in Agárd is a family-run place where you can eat on the spot also but it is considered as the most popular restaurant that provides food-delivery around Lake Velence. It is well-known by locals and seasonal guests who order their freshly-fried meats and pizza most often, because of their wide selection of the menu and fresh ingredients that they use.

If you want to order pizza around Lake Velence, József Pizza is a good choice when you like the rich selection of the toppings that come in several sizes. They work with fresh, good quality ingredients. Their special is the pizza with cheese-filled crust that is ideal for big-eaters and lovers of rich topping. Be aware that during the summer season you might have to wait for your order longer than usually, as this is the case with any other places at the region.

The fresh, breaded and fried meets come in many, stuffed versions, and there is breaded vegetarian option also. You can order plates of your choice from meets and side dishes for two to four people. This option is very pleasant for lunch or dinner if you do not want to cook. Plates are popular because of their fair price.

They also take orders for gatherings and organize smaller events, like birthdays, family celebrations other friend meet-ups. The Pizza Restaurant “József” is a nice, traditional place with 10 years of experience.
József Pizza - Agárd
Gárdony, József u. 13, 2484
+36 (22) 370 927
Last update: 23-09-2019